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The Sorrow and Joy of It

I’ve been thinking about this post for some time now, but what triggered it was a particular couple weeks this summer when all at the same time I had friends going through absolute peaks and valleys in life, mostly regarding babies. New life with all it’s joy and sorrow, both of which everyone goes through in the journey. I would even say before the journey begins, for those longing for a spouse or children of their own and it hasn’t come yet, which is equally peaks and valleys. 
All within the course of this summer I have had many different friends at many different places in the journey. This included a couple losing a baby to miscarriage, another flying to another country to meet their daughter they are adopting, another going back on the adoption list and not knowing how long it will be before they have their next child, another after years and years of infertility taking home a perfect baby girl after finding a birth mother less than weeks before the baby was born, and another hav…

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